The Journey


In a land of olde
Stands the fortress He chose
	(or so the story goes...)
Many knights had come
Searching for their Glory's Pride
But in a daze they'd ride
Back home...
	Back home...
		Back home...


I walked the road
Wondering why I had to go
Into the wind and snow
Gave my sword away
As a gift to those I loved
And armless now I was


The winter wind blew cold the night
I came into the town
The 'morrow was the Birthday of the Cross
My life till then seemed empty
And I knew the reason why
With desparation driving me
I had to find the Living Glory


A tower loomed before my eyes
A landmark in the sky
Surrounded by a score of warm abodes
With weariness I knocked upon a door
	to enter through
And though I was a stranger there
The gates flung open
And a voice said 
	"Welcome to the Hill, my friend...
	 Take off your boots and rest
	 Then tell us why you came to seek the Glory..."


If you'll come with me
I will show you the way
But you'll have to stay
And at the journey's end
When you're asked 
	"Wherefore you came?"
You'll know you've gone the way
Back home...
	Back home...
		Back home...


Copyright (c) 1972 United Earth Music