The Annunciation


(...children passing on
	are old men passing on
		through the world of children
			growing old...)


New Year's Eve I went a'hawkin' down
To the Church at the End of the Road
The door was open, so I walked in
And I saw my brother's Host
	Singing in the show
	With a frightened woman on the row
	She also sang in the show


I fell through the floor
When she screamed out
	"Please Lord! Please, no more..."
And a choir sang as I fell
I hung from a chord
Dangling in the core
Of her womb...


	And on the other shore
	Chanting in the rain
	Echoing like thunder
	And dressed in robes
	Were the Pilgrims to the Overlord...


The chord had broken
I went into a dive
And as the rain in the valley I fell
Over the river 
I could see very far
Until the chanting rose like smoke to my head
I had the fear Eye was blind
I opened up my eyes
Only to see all my kind


I stood on the shore
Like a beggarman
Asking alms from the poor
And as the dancers sang
	"Praise the name of the Lord
	 Lest you shall report much too soon
	 Go much too soon"


And on the other shore
Dancing in the rain
With a band of gypsies
And dressed in rags
Were the Children of the Lord
And they were singing
	"Somebody wake the dead...
	 Somebody wake the dead...
	 Somebody wake the dead...
	 They will reveal us all...
		...And save us all...
			...Reveal us all...
				...And save us all..."


Copyright (c) 1972 United Earth Music